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We’re looking for local people to write about their experiences of growing toward anti-racism. Do you have a story to tell?

Did you know that racism is not just direct and obvious assaults on another because of the color of their skin?
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  • Many BIPOC feel unsafe going into the woods we so love here in the Gorge.
  • Many people experience being screened out of job interviews, rental opportunities, and other situations because their name sounds “Black” or “Hispanic”.
  • Far too many whose skin tone doesn’t match their parents’, experience racism in the form of micro-aggression or out-right aggression because they “don’t belong to those parents” or because “You’re not really…”
  • Poor communities, especially areas where BIPOC live (often because they’ve been excluded from other places), are surrounded by industrial sites, dumps, tainted water, and other toxic environments.

Have you experienced any of these or other forms of exclusion because of the color of your skin or the sound of your name?

But Wait, There’s More!

This justice blog is not just about racial justice. While racial justice is extremely important, we really need to address all forms of injustice, recognizing the intersectionality of all of them. We do have the capacity to address more than one injustice at a time, and unless we do the difficult work to expand our perspectives, we will not be able to fully address any one of them. So here are some additional justice issues you may want to write about:

  • Environmental Justice
  • Gender Justice
  • Ageism
  • Ableism
  • Systemic Poverty
  • Religious Persecution

To be clear, racial injustice is the number one injustice in our country. This should be clear by exploring each of the other injustices listed above and understanding that each of them is made even worse by systemic racism. What are you experiencing? What are you seeing? How have you willingly or unintentionally participated in injustice? If you’re willing to share your story, please email us. We’re looking for stories from 300-800 words, ideally with a photo.

But we don’t just want stories – perhaps you’re an artist with something to share like John Combs’ Spoken Word, “Maybe”, or an art piece, poetry, or another expression. We love diversity and creativity!

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